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Desire Swapping Cum From Her Creampie Eating Pussy

Desire Moore and Vanilla Skye showcased their personal sexual skills in this action packed hardcore video series. Of course the cum eating finally is the key moment of focus but it comes to light with a lot of pussy pounding and cock swapping as we get to enjoy both hot ladies take a big pecker deep inside those shaved cunt and lips.

This adventure starts off once again in the great outdoors as both little chicks show off the goods. Clad in bikinis and crawling about like a pair of horny female dogs in heat, we get a POV look at each girls wonderful assets in full sun. Desire is the amazing blonde sporting the pure white covers. That tight 100 and ten pound frame sports a pair of untouched size 34 breast, perfect curves and a pussy covered only in peach fuzz.

Vanilla is a dusty redhead, almost more blonde in some angle but her tempered little ass surely knows how to power suck and she is the mouth which goes to eating up Desire's creampie pussy in this set. Vanilla is a puffy little lass with a big bouncy pair of knockers and a cute round ass covered in a g-string light blue suite.

Of course this whole lot would be worthless without a big sperm spewing cock and Darren is the stud of choice here and man does this boy carries a weapon, more than eight inches in length, which is put to good use pounding bareback snatch and delivering a sweet creampie into Desires fertile womb.

Like most other wild rides both girls open up and go after Darrens big cock, eating it up then sucking the paint off like the pros they are. After polishing his stiff knob each feels the ripping wrath of his member as he enters pussy and lights up with deep power strokes. Poor little Desire takes the brunt of the abuse, but tiny Vanilla feels the friction as well with each taking a pounding in doggy, mish, and even cowgirl.

It's a true treat thru the movie to watch each girl gets her cunt filled only to have the other suckle up by eating the pussy cum off Darren's used penis after pulling it from wet holes. Both girls taste each others juices and the heat builds up for the creampie finally but not until one of hottest moments where Desire bends over doggy and Vanilla climbs aboard her doggy so Darren and do some quick cock swapping as he enjoys both girls pussies back and forth.

Now I wanted to see Desire get a crotch filled with cum and was thrilled when it happened. Maybe I just like the look of her better but it seemed she did not want to be the one to take it therefore watching her get loaded up was a treat. I heard she was not on birth control and if you look at the one picture showing the cum dripping from her cunt you can see the look on her face was not exactly gleeful. Apparently Darrin just blew into her snatch and did not really care... good job dude!

With a sticky load of swimmers dancing around inside her pussy Desire slides off the edge of the sofa where Vanilla is waiting with open lips and a need for some cum eating. In perfect fashion the sperm bubbles up from her vaginal tube and flows out into Skye mouth covering her tongue in gooey white sperm. It was truly erotic watching Skye lick out Moores used cunt with the tip of her tongue, gathering every drop of semen from her puffy red labia.

Now a lot of great videos would end here but not with these two. Vanilla, still holding a mouthful of cum, drags Moore down to the floor and spits the slimy mess down her throat for a perfect creampie swapping finally sure to make your pecker stiff.

Creampie Eating
Creampie From Desires Video

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